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1971 amc sportabout

This is the AMC Hornet Sportabout my parents owned for a few years starting in about 1972–I think we kept it through the late 70’s. My mom is standing in front of her car in her tennis outfit (she was a champion doubles player at the local country club) in the driveway of our Gales Ferry, Connecticut home, I’d say in 1973. The other snapshot must have been taken shortly after they bought the car, it’s in the driveway of our previous house across town.

As a kid I was fascinated by the “Hornet” emblem, but I don’t have very many specific memories of this car, at least riding in it. I suspect it was forgettable enough, and I haven’t seen one in years. They replaced this eventually with a 1977 Dodge Omni, which I don’t think was a step up!

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  1. Kevin C.

    I always got a kick out of the models ol’ AMC offered to compete with the Big Three. AMC cars always seemed to have a clunky style and build quality that might have come from some eastern block country during the cold war. Perhaps if AMC brought in the glorious Trabant as an exotic import they might still be here today. Well, maybe not. I actually thought the little Gremlin was kinda cool. Maybe I could find one with V-8 option and the special Levi Strauss “Blue-jeans” interior. Pebble Beach, here I come!


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