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South Whidbey “Sports Car Club”

South Whidbey Informal Club gathering

It’s not really anything like a “real” club, just an open-to-anyone gathering once or twice a month on a Saturday. Bring an interesting old car (doesn’t really need to be a sports car, either) for an enjoyable morning spent spreading bull and gawking at cars. My GT was was the sleaziest machine here, which is probably why it has everyone gathered around it.

Naming all of the cars should be pretty easy–but the one at the far end may give you pause.


  1. chuck goolsbee

    Who belongs to the two E-types? Is the red on a S2 or 3?

  2. Roger

    White car is my friend Paul’s dad’s car. Red S2 coupe is a gentleman who’s name I did not catch.

  3. Kevin C.

    The crowd is gathered around the GT because it has the biggest “shock factor”.


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