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Golden Flash Almost Recommissioned

1954 BSA A10 Golden Flash

I got the newly cleaned-up magneto bolted back on and timed, and the bike fired even though one of the plug leads wasn’t connected. Wisdom point for today: Check if both spark plug leads are connected when you wonder “why is this reluctant to rev?”

I haven’t been able to do much riding yet, though,as it won’t idle. It won’t idle, because, as it turns out, the throttle stop (idle) screw has fallen out of the carb. Bonus wisdom point for today: Check that the throttle stop screw hasn’t fallen out when you wonder “why won’t this idle?”

My friend John has offered to lend me a spare stop screw until my Burlen Fuel Systems order gets here from England; I’ll pick the spare up tomorrow when I’m on the mainland. So, perhaps, finally, I’ll get some riding in on Tuesday to see how well the “hot start problem” has been neutralized by the mag work. Fingers crossed for “completely”!

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  1. Kevin C.

    Are you bringing it to the ABFM this weekend?


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