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First Color Coat on GT, More Work to Do

1967 MGB GT Grampian Grey

Jim got the first coat of Grampian Grey on tonight. It revealed we have a bit of work left to do, so he held off on the clear. We missed some sanding scratches and a couple of dings–staring at primer for ages will do that to you. Aside from a couple of minor points on the body, we completely spaced on one of the doors–it had three small door dings and a very small crease.

1967 MGB GT Grampian Grey

We’ll have to wet-sand the entire coat with 600 once the divots are filled, as we won’t be able to repaint it within the 24 hour window the PPG DBU requires. (It will be good practice for the 1500 wet-sand I’ll have to do once the clear is on prior to polishing.)

1967 MGB GT Grampian Grey

The flourescent paint-booth lighting is difficult to judge color by; the grey is medium dark with just a bit of warmth in it. The following photo is stiched from two, hence the fake wide-angle look.

1967 MGB GT Grampian Grey


  1. Allie

    Where are the dots? The stripes? Perhaps a nice bumblebee???

  2. j.groves

    she looks great! Just keep going & keep me abreast of further progress. Cheers to both you & Jim!…j

  3. Kevin C.

    I’m with Allie! I think some Hello Kitty! emblems on the doors would be nice.

  4. Mike McChesney

    Great pictures. I have some very similar views of my 67, GT. The final paint was just finished last week.


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