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Red Wheel Mockup – Worthy or Mock Worthy?

Red wheel mockup

Just some Photoshop foolin’-around…but this is what I’m thinking of going with. I have roughly 24 MGB wire wheels, including a complete decent set of five in addition to the good ones on this car. I’d keep the standard silver wheels, but paint up a set dark red, which I think looks pretty sharp and will match the interior. (Click image to see the photo at a larger size.) Thoughts?

Edited: Chris wondered what black would look like…I think it’s too dark for me.


  1. chuck goolsbee

    Me Rikey!

    Makes up for the shiny primer look. Reminds me of a pub in Fremont I used to lunch in. =D

  2. Allie

    Love it! Now, where are the dots and stripes on the rest of the car?????

  3. Brent

    Not without a carbon fiber bonnet, fart can exhaust, and a wing. What’s the British equivalent of Ricer…Barry Boy? Rattle-can red a set for the heck of it, but I say go stock. The bright work, window rubber, lenses, and the red interior will break up the look of shiny primer.

  4. Chris Keen

    It’s a bit boy racer, I guess, but add some big round fogs up front, maybe some leather bonnet tie-downs, and headlamp covers for some kind of period look. Maybe even some numbers / sponsor decals if you’re going that far.

    Have you considered black wheels? Might look pretty mean.

  5. David

    Love painted wire wheels. They always look like the business.

  6. Roger

    Chris, I’m including a black version, I think it’s too much.

  7. Cody

    Chrome or painted silver. Brent is right about the interior being enough to set it off.

  8. Vincent

    The color painted wheels always look good and a bit “racy” too. But with your car, I would keep silver painted wheels and black interior to make it feel original and “time capsule”

  9. automobiliac

    The dark red wheels look superb! Do it!

  10. Peter

    Red is right… Ill do it myself on my 67 Morgan..Its ivory with red interior. Do it Roger !


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