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Headlights and Such

1967 MGB GT

The headlights and other lights are on–even though I don’t yet have the lenses for the sidelights or taillights at hand. I cannot get passenger headlamp rim to seat, so I need to attend to that. I can’t imagine that the originals were so hard to fit, and, frustratingly, I did pay for the “good” reproductions. Maybe that was a mistake, I should have gone cheap!

What else? The door handles and latches are on, as is the new rear muffler in place of the cherry bomb which was hanging back there. I also have the horns cleaned up and in place.

I started and ran the car briefly tonight for the first time in a few months. It sounded good and fired right up–but I have no clutch–the fluid is completely missing, and it’s not under the car, so it’s a bit of a mystery. I was planning on pulling the engine/gearbox to swap in the overdrive unit and would of course do a clutch rebuild at that point, but I don’t think Jim has the space for me to do that task up here, so I’ll have to trailer the car over to my friend Paul’s place to do that.

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  1. mike

    no comments in your resto of how you got the windscreen chrome trims in (hardest job )wonder how you accomplished it as mine seems a right pain regards mike mgb gt owner


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