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Outside for the First Time

1967 MGB GT

I was able to get some clutch action today (I have a new slave cylinder set aside for the transmission swap) and, sitting on the floor to drive it out of the shop, saw the GT for the first time under natural light since it was painted. I think it looks pretty nice, though it needs to be buffed again and then polished. Please excuse the badly parked wipers with frankly awful wiper blade assemblies (being replaced)–and don’t examine any of the trim too closely!

1967 MGB GT

1967 MGB GT

1967 MGB GT

1967 MGB GT

The interior obviously needs a few things. And my fan switch dissolved shortly after refinishing the dash, so I have some touch-up there.

1967 MGB GT

1967 MGB GT

1967 MGB GT

In any case, this car will be the very definition of “nice driver” but it’s definitely not a concours winner!


  1. Don

    Your car looks great! You have done a very good job on it.

  2. Brent

    Sitting on the floor? What? No milk crate?

  3. Tom

    Congratulations on getting another one on the road. Great job!

  4. Allie

    Aww. What a cute car.

  5. Kevin Teabag

    What about that “Commie-Red” interior??!!!

  6. automobiliac

    Just gorgeous. Love that color. When can we expect the red wire wheels??

  7. Chris Keen

    Really nice work – glad to see it back together after a while of not making it over to your blog.

  8. MiLo Bookout

    Truly a handsome old gentleman. Still lively though and, now, with a suit to match! Your work is an inspiration!!!


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