A Mostly British Obsession

Summer 2010

1963 MGB, 1968 F250

Sigh…still no shop (or even a garage) and many, many things with wheels (not all pictured). I’m thinking of selling the Ferguson–it seems pretty unlikely at this point that I’ll have a use for it…and it’s overkill for even an acre of lawn. Especially one you don’t want field-tire tracks in.


  1. chuck goolsbee

    Is that tractor a Diesel?

  2. Roger

    Sorry, Chuck, 4-cylinder gas.

  3. chuck goolsbee

    Oh well.

  4. Kevin Teabag

    I might be interested in a tractor, but only if it has red wheels.

  5. Roger

    Kevin, I don’t think you can get chrome-plated engine “dress up” stuff for Fergusons, so they’re probably not for you anyway.

  6. Kevin Teabag

    Not a problem. I’ll just wrench off some of the easy to remove bits and take ’em to the chromers. Maybe I can paint some flames on it, too.


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