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Final Ferguson?

1955 Ferguson TO-35

I have the Ferguson (reluctantly) up for sale and there seems to be some interest. I’m asking $4,400 which seems way too low given what I have into it…surprise, surprise, eh?

1955 Ferguson TO-35

Fergie started right up for these photos–though it still needs to have the radiator repaired before doing any serious field work. The restoration is now a couple of years along and there are plenty of signs of use, but it still looks great and is a wonderful machine. I have it on craigslist but you can get hold of me here if you’re interested, of course.

1955 Ferguson TO-35


  1. omer labrecque

    hi where is tractor located yhanks kdf

  2. Roger

    It’s in western Washington near Everett on Whidbey Island.

  3. b marin

    if furguson is available I am interested in buying

  4. Richard Moses

    Is the TO-35 still for sale? I’m looking.


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