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Leaky Side of the Shop

BSA Golden Flash, MGB GT, MGB, Rover SD1

It’s fairly surprising that there isn’t a contiguous pool of oil covering the floor entirely on this side of the new shop building, especially from the prodigiously leaking pair comprising the SD1 and Reg the MGB roadster. (The BSA leaks, but that doesn’t count; the GT doesn’t leak at all.)

Poor Reg. I took him out today for the first time in awhile, and he had the ignominy of being towed home on the car trailer–and it’s all my fault. The car has been giving me plenty of warning that something needs to be done about the fuel pump (points are sticking), and I’ve been blithely ignoring it. I had to tap the pump three times to get going today–once in the garage, once in the drive, and once at the gas station…and rather than returning home and ordering a new pump, I kept going. In a shocking development, a few miles later no amount of “tapping” would get the pump going again.

Allie rescued me (in her spiffy 2005 Outback) and I returned with the truck and trailer to get Reg–who started right up after the half hour break. Sigh. I trailered him back anyway. Hope he enjoyed the ride.

I’ll have a new pump sent out tomorrow, along with a new exhaust hanger for the GT.

The SD1 is proving to be an interesting car. It drives pretty nicely and is getting “around town” fuel economy that has a “2” in front of it, which is at least as good as the MGs. If I could figure out what is keeping the battery warning light on despite the alternator putting out 14 volts, I’d be golden. I also still need to adjust the handbrake and get a rear silencer for it, the previous owner apparently decided the entire rear third of the exhaust was optional.


  1. Kevin Teabag

    Sounds like you’re living the grand life of the landed gentry. You are unworthy of having such a palatial garage. Enjoy it, as none of us are really worthy anyway. If the GT is not leaking, the only possible explanation is that all the oil has already leaked out.

  2. Rodney

    I recommend an auction for the mineral rights under the leaky Brits – My MGB’s parking spot is about ready for drilling.


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