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My Very Own D-Type

D-Type Resin Model

My friend Jim has decided to sell off a lot of his model car collection, and I couldn’t resist a few despite not really being a model collector, per se. Having purchased a few “regular” models (ie, the kind you can buy in a store) from his stash, I asked about this one, my favorite: It’s a scratch-built resin model, made by the man himself, in about 1:24 scale.

D-Type Resin Model

To my eye the best models are those that are evocative, even if that comes at the expense of being detailed–perhaps they’re evocative because they aren’t detailed. This particular example really captures the spirit of the machine.

D-Type Resin Model

I was thrilled when Jim said I could take it–it’s now easily my favorite model.


  1. chuck goolsbee

    Love it!

  2. Kevin Teabag

    Nice score. So,what color are you going to paint it? Just kidding of course. It’s a one-of-a-kind work of art. Lucky you.

  3. j.groves

    you lucky bugger! your friend Jim is a serious artist…I’m very envious!…cheers, j


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