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UPDATE: The stupid thing is NOT fixed. Grrr. Next step…but back to the original post:

The Triumph 955i’s misfire has been cured with the swap in of a new coil pack. This is just a bit distressing as the bike has less than 3000 miles on it, you’d think the life span would be measured in tens of thousands of miles…but maybe just shy of a decade is the other expiration date. Trying to figure out which cylinder was misfiring was a puzzle–the ODB reader thought the bike was running just fine even when it clearly wasn’t. A friend reminded me I had an infrared thermometer, and the solution was at my fingertips.

2002 Triumph 955i Daytona Misfire

This is looking from the front of the bike. You can see that the left cylinder (if you were sitting on the machine) was not really doing much.

I bought some used coil packs on eBay, swapped one in, and the problem is (seemingly) solved. Visually and on a meter the dead coil is identical to the others in the set. Did I mention I kinda hate modern miracle components that it’s nearly impossible to figure out if they’re working or not without advanced test gear?

Now for something other than 45 degrees and rain, please.


  1. Dan

    Your collection is so monochromatic. With exception to the BSA tucked away back there.

  2. Roger

    Funny thing is, it’s not by design, and white is definitely not my favorite car color. The E-Type is silver, too. I think when the Rover finds a new home whatever its replacement is will have to be something other than white!

  3. KevinTeabag

    We all need to take a break from silver cars, too. It seems that half the vehicles on the road are some form of metalic silver.

  4. Dan

    Such an anglophile and no BRG. I cast my vote, haha.

  5. Brent

    I trust that everybody knows the soon-to-be-painted XKE will be silver as well, keeping the theme going!

  6. patrick

    i own the exact color, make, model 955i.

    these dssa 955i are the rarest. i will never sell mine, yours will only go up in value.

    oh i have near 19,000 miles on mine.

    good luck.


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