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Front Suspension Done on GT

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The front suspension is done, awaiting lowering to the ground to tighten the A-arm nuts and pin them. I also need to bleed the brakes–Mrs. Rusty Heaps has agreed to help. (Don’t be surprised to read about a divorce in this space shortly thereafter!)

I went with MGB V8 bushings in the A-arms, and while you can see the weathered heads of the original fasteners here and there, all the wearing bits are new. The kingpins were perfectly fine. I still need to refill the steering rack (it didn’t have a drop of oil in it due to two split boots), come to think of it.

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The engine is back from the machine shop…it was pricey (for me, anyway!), but it definitely needed a rebuild. I’ll show you the worn pieces in another post later this week. It’s unpainted as I saved a bit of money that way, and I have the right paint on hand.

I had hoped to accomplish more this weekend but I had a diverticulitis flare-up today, and that knocked me cold. But hopefully sometime later this week the car will be back on its feet and running again.


  1. Brent

    The “hats” on the front brake rotors will insta-rust once water hits them. Other car forum guys seem to paint them body color…I wonder if they make clear high-temp paint?

  2. Roger

    Brent, they’ll be hidden by the wheel hubs, in any case.


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