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Triple Carbs

[flickr id=”6565591821″ thumbnail=”original” overlay=”false” size=”original” group=”” align=”none”]I picked this set of triple-SU carbs up from craigslist awhile ago; they were cheap enough that even as a source of parts they’re a good buy. I had a vague notion about putting them on the XJ6, and they would fit, but the lack of manual choke would be annoying. (These came from a Mk. X and won’t work in an E-Type as a conversion, as the inlet manifold is different.) Still, with a couple of HD8 rebuild kits included it was a decent deal.

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  1. Shamila

    Great stuff. I have a XJ6 series 1 in Sri Lanka and I am just sick of the two SU’s. Got a Holley 350cfm and trying to get a manifold sorted out. If I get it working will post here one day. Mmmmm how much do you need if you feel like selling your carbs.


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