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E-Type Back Home

After more than 10 years, the E-Type is back in my possession. Charlie, of Classic Car Couriers, brought it up on his flatbed. The alley leading away from Britsport is even worse than the photo shows. Took about five years off my life watching the truck fall into every pothole on the way out!

That said, we made it, and the car looks fantastic. It has not been color-sanded yet, so there is still a bit of orange peel and dust motes, but Mark did sand and polish the top of the scuttle so I can install the wipers and other bulkhead gubbons.

I’ve put the original dataplate back in…you can see it was very casually placed when it was new. I suspect it was either Friday afternoon after a liquid lunch–or Monday a morning after a hard weekend–for the plate guy.

The MGB is now living with the truck on the other side of the shop. The bikes will be moving over there as well, but I need to do some organizing. As usual.


  1. chuck goolsbee


  2. Charlie

    It looks like a futuristic jet of some sort. Something not of this world.

  3. Rodney

    Congratulations! My friend is restoring a 64 coupe in the same color. Check out his progress at http://www.xjjag.blogspot.com. Keep the photos coming!


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