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Pedal Box, Brake Bottles, Undercoat & Random Progress

I have the pedal box and brake servo rebuilt and in the car; I’m still waiting on the re-sleeved master cylinders, so it’s not quite together, obviously. Still, another bunch of fiddly bits all back where they should be…I think. The brake reservoirs, their shield and the bracket holding them are all new, none of that made it through to the other side, alas. The hardware is original. The shield comes with small holes for the bolts, but no allowance in the insulating material for the steel spacers. I chucked a 3/4″ spade bit in the drill press and that worked well for machining the material away.

I have the looms roughly in place, but I don’t have my gauges back from the specialist yet so am loathe to commit myself before fastening them down. I also inventoried my dash switches this evening and it doesn’t look that promising. Sadly, the switches are all expensive and I suspect they’re not as nice as the not-very-nice-to-start-with originals were!

I have undercoated the bottom of the car, and have decided to just leave it black. It’s a nice crisp look and while I think the factory made a half-hearted effort to paint down here, I think this will ultimately look better on this car.

This shot is for my friend Jeff, who gets a bit weepy when he sees a functioning windshield washer, something quite rare on a car I own. This reproduction unit has two connectors, whereas the original had three. The loom also has three wires. If you open an original motor, the center connection doesn’t go anywhere–in other words, they spent money putting a wire in the loom which had no use that I can see! I’ll need to figure out what to do with the “extra” wire.


  1. KevinTeabag

    The black bottom looks good. There is something quite wonderful about putting nice clean components on a nice clean car.

    BTW, let’s all raise a glass to Mr. Shelby this weekend.

  2. jeff groves

    when it gets the blue fluid, I can die a happy man!thank you;….j

  3. Deanna R. Jones

    I thought that you did a good job with the undercoating on this car. It seems like a good decision to leave the bottom of the car black. I agree, leaving it black gives it a crisp look that looks better on this car than the work that the factory put into it.


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