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Rear Axle Finished

Well, almost finished, I have to put a couple of grease plugs in and finish engineering my remote bleeders for the brakes. It was only through the good graces of my friends at Autosport Seattle that it came together at all, though. When I tried to assemble the right hub to the lower link, it became clear that the lower link was way too narrow. This is a big cast iron piece, so that takes some doing.

John (who owns Autosport) thinks a bearing dissolved at some point in the car’s history, and the hub was bodged to get the car home; the hub carrier on that side was a real mess, as well. Part of the bodge involved tightening everything to a million foot-pounds. John took some time out of his weekend to wield an acetylene torch (and years of experience) to help sort it all out.

It’s all to spec now–excepting the bright red paint on the diff; when new the diffs were just primed, but I cannot find plain red primer here on the island. Most everyone seems to go for shiny bright red these days, anyway, so I’ll blame peer pressure.


  1. chuck goolsbee

    Besides, if you drive it like god intended the diff ill be covered in oil, grease, and road grime anyway.

    You’re coming on the NWOL, right?

  2. Kevinteabag

    The Jag rear suspension is a thing of beauty.

  3. Eric

    I just has similar problenm upon reassembly. Problem turned out to be slightly oversized (width) bearing from one of the usual suppliers. Sent them back and bought Timkins, which fit per the spec.

  4. DAN M

    Hi there, Do these older jaguar rear suspensions fit decent into the 56 ford F100 ? Or ,is the width to wide ? The 56 rear end width can be 59″on the f100 to 62 ” on the f250 . The actual frame width stays the same for both sizes . Thanks , DAN M.


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