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Continuing our use of parens to make not-very-good jokes in the title, I have the car on its own wheels tonight for the first time since 1998. It’s shocking how small the car becomes when it’s not floating three feet up in the air!

I still need to attach the radius arms to the body…we’ll see how much of a fight they put up, it’s rarely a good time. (And the rear mounts on the axle proved to be as fun as I predicted.)

I’m pleased the front ride height is 12½ inches right now (measured at the torsion bar)–about four inches high. That’s good, since there is still hundreds of pounds of stuff to go in the car.

It’s too bad these tires are about 20 years old, badly sun-rotted and probably have the stickiness of banana peels. I’ve always thought these Avons made for a handsome tire on an E-Type.

Weather cooperating, I hope to wheel the car outside tomorrow for a photo in actual sunlight.


  1. sven

    this is a very tidy looking car you are building and i love the color scheme! i believe that working in such a spacious and clean workshop is a lot of fun and i can totally understand the feeling that comes along when you put all these clean and shiny things back in place. sadly, my own mg-project will take more time for such a good look. so good look for the further steps to come – it seems that you make good progress and i will follow your blog for sure. do you still have this brilliant early-spec pull-handle mgb? greetings from germany

  2. jeff groves

    still no fluid in the windscreen resevoir;…geez…..j


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