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Gauging Progress

I have had very little time to work on the Jaguar the past few weeks, and have been waiting on suppliers to get me some pieces back…some of those arrived today: the instruments. I sent them out to West Valley Instruments in California to be rebuilt, and they look great. And now that I have them I can do some wiring in earnest (you can see it’s just a spaghetti-fest back there right now).

The toggle switches are going to drive me nuts. They’re all new, and they all sit at slightly different heights, especially the left-most switch. I am hesitant to do much “judicious” bending as that leads, with these expensive-but-fragile pieces, to judicious breaking.


  1. Brent

    Perhaps a small metal file in each slot to make them all like the leftmost switch? Same thing for the up position: find the highest one and carefully file each slot the lever sits in to the same level?

  2. Roger

    It’s not the bases of the switches, it’s the levers, unfortunately. The bases all line up.

  3. Tim UK

    That looks really smart.
    Are they new switches? The assumption is that they lined up when they left the factory! My ’67 MGB is the same. Or possibly one or two have been replaced over the years.
    Can you line them up in height order? It may look better then.

  4. Roger

    Unfortunately, Tim, the behind-the-scenes boxes are all different but for two. So they can’t be swapped around.

  5. Greg

    The panel looks good. Have you considered measuring the depth of each switch tab cavity? The exterior of the switch may be consistent but the opening for switch armature may not have a consistent depth. Did you restore or replace your gauges? I just taking apart of rusty, 6FHC and am considering new gauges versus rebuilding.
    BTW-I saw your post on the XJ6 intake. In your opinion could the intake be modified to accomodate fuel injectors? I have a dillusion of putting fuel injection on an XKE.

  6. Phil Rulon

    @Greg – Standard DCOE style Fuel injection throttle bodies are available if you’re OK with running a DCOE manifold instead. Borla also has SU throttle bodies.



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