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Just a quick note–work, for once, and thankfully, has been very busy–but I’ve found some time to get a bit of work in on the E. The new porcelain exhaust manifolds are things of beauty, but the Double-S exhaust system aft of them is a big disappointment. Years ago, I put a much cheaper Falcon stainless system on my 4.2 coupe, and it essentially fell into place. On this one so far I have over 20 hours of time trying to get it to fit, and it was a huge premium in cost over the Falcon. More details later, if I can ever summon the energy.


Just another shot, for grins.

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  1. Kevin

    I still have a Falcon system on my MGA. I remember I had an exhaust shop fit the thing. The mechanic marveled how perfect everything lined up. It’s maddening to pay more $$ thinking you’re getting an upgrade to find you’ve only bought more frustration. Bah!


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