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Still Life (Lives?) With Rust

In case you ever see a photo from this site on CraigsList with some nebulous language suggesting a car is for sale…it’s not me. I’ve had several photos plucked by scumbags over the years–there’s one on the Vancouver B.C. CL right now, look for “1963 MGB” in the “general for sale” area. CL has no mechanism for taking them down, so there isn’t a lot I can do, and I’m too tired to even care. (I’m a little surprised there is anybody ill-informed enough to fall for these type of scams any longer.)


I didn’t feel last week’s photo (which I didn’t post here) was all that great, but above (and below the jump) are four “still lives with rust”, my efforts for this week’s photo. I’m not super-wild about the composition of these, but for 20 minutes of fiddling with ye olde car parts on the bench, taken with my pocket camera, they’ll do.





  1. Kevin Teabagged

    Aw, heck. I checked Vancouver CL and it was gone. I was ready to buy, too.

  2. David Gardner

    Wonderful images and discussions on the restoration of the E=type. What are you going to ask for it? I may be interested. I was just up in your area on a short vacation with my wife. If I had seen this sooner I would have looked you up to see the E-type!


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