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E-Type Running Once Again

It took awhile to get it all back together, and had to wait for new exhaust manifolds, but the car is running again. And it even has third and fourth gear! The most amusing part is that the fix itself took about seven seconds…slip the 3rd/4th syncro hub off and rotate it about 30 degrees, and put it back on. And then reassemble the gearbox, and put the engine back in, etc., etc.


Car will finally be wet-sanded and final polished this coming week. In the meantime, I am going to drop the remaining chrome at the plater and probably start on the center console. Hoping to have the car done in time to both visit the Van Dusen Gardens show in BC in May and (hopefully) move it along to the next owner sometime thereabouts.

While these early cars have shot up in value, my desired replacement, a FHC in similar condition to my XJ6, are a little eye-watering in price themselves. This may be my last E-Type unless an unexpected deal comes along.


  1. jeff groves

    great work & effort… but God, I get tired just looking at this car! cheers, J.

  2. Steve Brannan

    Beautiful – she is a credit to you. Glad you resolved the gearbox issue

  3. Dave Neu


  4. Bryan Allen

    Hi Roger
    Could you tell me what were the interior trim colours for a 1962 OTS XKE –
    I have heard Beige, Biscuit, Red and Black ???
    PS. I Supplied Data for Jag Lovers way back in 1999!!!!! and had been in contact with you.
    Need your e-mail now to communicate ..!
    I have a 61 -FHC you may want..

  5. Cortlend Greeley

    Hello All,
    I am in the process of a ground up restoration on my 66Jag OTS. I’ve owned it for 47 years and the only mechanic to touch it since 1968. I know my way around every inch of the car, but I have never taken the bonnet completely apart. I am ready to re-set the adhesive compound, but I would like to use the most updated material available. From all your experience…what’s your advice? Thanks, Cort.

  6. Steve

    Hi Roger with the 61 Coupe. Do you still have it? If so, e-mail me 61jag@comcast.net


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