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It turns out my car was delivered with the same engine, gearbox, and interior color it currently sports, but the original paint color was listed as “light green”. So I did some Photoshop work, rather badly, alas, to see what it may have looked like. I rather like it, and at this point the car is definitely returning to this shade.


There exists a bit of the original color on the dash support framework under the scuttle. You can see it’s a sort of apple green color.


I think all Morgans had silver wheels when new, or in this period they did, and that’s at the head of the page. But above is what the color looks like with black wheels, and below with body-color wheels.


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  1. Brent

    What? No red wheel option on this one? Kris Kringle would approve, probably.

    With the chrome bumpers affixed, the silver would probably look the best; though, I’m somewhat fond of the black option ‘shopped here.

    Like the original body color, should go with that.


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