I decided to keep the “stepped” firewall rather than wait for a “flat top” firewall from Morgan, a decision which I debated for days, before giving in the illusion of progress. The stepped version isn’t really wrong, per se, as they changed to this style roughly around this car… Oh well, only I and the internet will know…


Above, I have the front half of the old body clamped onto the chassis so I can bolt the firewall in with half-a chance of it aligning with the new body and the scuttle, assuming I do at least a three-quarter-arsed job building it.


The (unfinished) new dash is in to check the position of the steering column, which turned out to be a bit too high. Seemingly endless filing of the steering box mount (perhaps the world’s cheesiest aluminum casting), at a slight taper, had it sitting correctly eventually, and it looks good here.


I’m including this shot of my engine. Or rather, my pseudo engine, which I used to make sure the engine mounts are in the right place (they are). One day…