A bit more is “done” on the rear body frame, though, as usual, I have made each of the sticks about 200 times…

2016-08-10 20.16.49

Tired of buying fluorescent bulbs and ballasts, I converted all of the shop lights to direct-wire LED tubes. Instead of drawing 12 amps or so, the 32 bulbs will now draw about 4 amps, without flickering and hopefully without burning out after shockingly short periods of time. To do so, I had to move everything with wheels out of the shop, and you can see the very dusty Triumph (awaiting new front rotors), BSA (awaiting…something) and the Morgan.

2016-08-08 22.08.18

How and why I make the mistakes I do is a bit of a mystery, as I try to carefully measure things. But, somehow, the two inner rails were mounted half and inch too far forward, so here I am plugging those holes with glued-in dowels and will try again…

2016-08-13 19.45.58

The raw components for the side rails. Missing is the bustle at the back. Still deciding how to build that, as it’s nominally a 1″ wide piece, but the front and back actually curve a bit and make it a lot fussier to build.

2016-08-14 20.53.54m

The picture which started this post, amended to show how many of each piece I’ve made to build what you see here.