Not a lot of progress recently, just lots of time spent on things outside of Rusty Keep. But I got a little time to work on the frame…and discovered my angle at the front was R-O-N-G…by a degree. Mind, if you just put the sill board on, I had the right angle. But put the whole tub on the chassis, and it’s off. 19 degrees, not 20.


So I re-cut the front of the rocker, just skimming the top and removing about 1/64″ at the bottom. This moved the post back about 1/8″ at the sill, so had to recut that notch. I also notched the bottom of the post and put the relief in the bottom of the sill to match the fender line.


As usual, I got a bit confident and failed to notice my template had come adrift when doing the other side. Here is a bunch of epoxy mixed with sawdust being used as filler for that “oops”. The rest of the frame will be built in-situ on the car. I will need to make new hinge-post-top-and-dash-support pieces, as moving the hoop has made them unworkable.


Here’s the new dash and dash support. I made the support out of five pieces to get decent grain-orientation at the bottom; the originals had split and my first attempt also split just in prepping the wood, so no diagonal grain for me.