I’d like to get the car running. For this to happen, the following need doing.

  • Machine door hinges for new pins
  • Hang and paint door frames
  • Make new rods from the toolbox to the raditor, and re-mount radiator lower
  • Rebuild carburetors and install
  • Refinish fuel tank and install, along with fuel line
  • Finish and assemble dash, and temporarily install in car
  • Do something about the brake master cylinder
  • Reinstall exhaust

I’m guessing that all will take me well into March, or probably April.

Above is a luxury modification; the floor of the storage area has no built-in way to get it open, or at least did not on my car. I had this surplus Jaguar E-Type boot floor pull-ring, so we’re now super-fancy in that department.

I’m not sure what to make of this. The original door strikers were bronze. The replacements I bought are quite crude iron sand castings, which will need a lot of prep to use, and then will still rust in use–by design they cannot take any finish, what with being struck by metal all the time. Really?