Note: I’ve been really ill for almost three weeks…and that, combined with the holidays and ongoing “life events” has meant not having had a lot of time to devote to the Morgan or just about anything else.

I did get the body glued together, painted and had a local spring shop repair one of the leaf springs.

Above you can see the painted body frame. I glued it together using a couple of different West System epoxies, depending on the type of joint, and when done coated the entire frame with West 105. I then scuffed that up and painted it with Rustoleum.

Above shows the general chaos of the glue-up. Or my lack of incentive to be a good shopkeeper. One or the other.

I am happy to say after the repair to the eye of the spring on the side that was hit, the axle now sits true in the car. Before the repair, one wheel was almost half an inch further back than the other…so definitely an improvement.