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Steal anything which isn’t bolted down…

I see this a fair amount in cars: Anything which came with the car but isn’t actually bolted to it is kept by one of the owners. On this car, the owner’s manual is missing, the rear parcel shelf is AWOL (?) and the “emergency tire inflation kit” is gone. Though on the latter, it could be I don’t recognize it, maybe you can check out what was where the kit should be and tell me if it’s factory or not.

I did wash the car, despite the fact my driveway, nominally gravel, is now mostly mud and nothing will stay clean for long on it. Sigh.

Sadly, most of the wheels are curbed as seen above, but that does save me the trouble of doing it myself.

Engine bay was dusty, and this is the results of a bit of smearing around with a rag. I have not yet applied any “goop” to anything on the car, I’ll find a day at some point, maybe nearer the spring (or after some gravel is delivered) to do a detail.

This is what I found in the spot reserved for the inflation kit. I mean, I guess it is somewhat related to ensuring that you can safely make it to your exit, but this is normally a tool reserved for deflating. Plus I don’t see any Mini branding…though that probably isn’t the marketing angle you’d want in this case.

Note to myself: Don’t get out the black light in the car.

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  1. Kevin C

    This is the 2nd car you’ve bought with the “Safe Sex Package” option as one of your Rovers came likewise equipped. I’m sure there’s a message there, but I don’t care to hear the sordid details. All that said, congrats on the Mini. May it serve you well.


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