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We Have (Murky) Light

Well, some of my cheesy temporary lights work, but only after chasing out a short in one of the small lamps. Sadly, it seems like some of the “original” electrical equipment is not actually operable; so far the list definitely includes the DB-10 control box for the rear lights, and possibly the combination light/ignition switch, which at best seems fairly flaky.

The headlights not operating could also be the high beam foot switch, so I’ll have to give that an eyeball, too. I always test a new wiring job using a 15 amp fuse inline with a temporary ground cable off the battery, so if there are any dead shorts (looking at you cheap motorcycle lights), the fuse pops quickly, keeping the smoke in the wires. I haven’t tried the horns, they are new and I have already tested the switch…and they are the only electrical device with their own fuse, at 35 amps perhaps a bit more than my temporary lead can handle.

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  1. Steve Hanegan

    Outstanding! Those lights are a wee bit bright for a Morgan tho… can’t possibly match the originals…

    Easy to test the dip switch… Does this fine machine have anything as civil as a wiring diagram?


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