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Morgan Runs

Just a brief note that the Morgan fired right up and sounded pretty nice actually. The one thing the darn thing hasn’t fought me on, so far. You can see I’ve painted the top frame, though I still need to dye the fabric webbing, which has sun-faded but is serviceable.

You can see the gap at the front of the scuttle, where the rear hinge of the bonnet sits, has now…

…been filled. A previous owner had inserted a creative solution here, but this is somewhat closer to how it originally would have been built. This is not “finished”, but is mechanically done.

I have to re-solder the rain gutter on the passenger side of the scuttle, and once the panel has had filler and primer applied, I can temporarily bolt on the aeroscreen and a mirror and see how the car goes down the road.


  1. Steve Hanegan

    Bravo! I bet that was a moment of bliss and grins…
    I think that a manly-man such as yourself would have a pair of goggles so that you can just drive it as is… bugs in the teeth and all

    I got first of the back door windows in the Maggot today… whupped my tuchus it did…

    But not all of us have your patience and dedication!

  2. Steve Hanegan

    My… those shocks are certainly a bright red… cantcha tone ’em down a bit there bub? :-)


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