Update: Made an extension for the back, see bottom of post.

I had the rear deck panel pretty nicely completed…until I looked at pictures of a few other cars and thought “hm, the vertical bit at the rear of the panel looks a lot narrower on those cars. Hm.”

Remember, I had little to work with back here, and based my height on the height of the original deck panel. Which was not the original, or was modified. You can see with the fender on…

…that my body tub is about 3/4″ short. And that extra distance will roughly halve the height of the vertical return to what it is supposed to be. I’ll try to flatten and re-bend my new deck panel, but I may be on my way to making a third instance.

I am also not a huge fan of the height of the opening above the wheel, but the springs are still on their bump stops. That said, there really isn’t going to be that much more weight going into the car, I don’t think. Maybe I’ll try extra-thick paint to weigh it down.


That’s better. I will sand the back of the frame and epoxy this in place today, I hope. I’ll try to use epoxy to fill in the rounded-over back of the original piece.

I added a bit of relief for the edge of the fender, though not sure my skinning of the quarters will be able to follow it.