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Rear Fender Number One

I have the fender on the driver’s side for a test fit and filling. It needs some adjustment at the very tail end, and it came pre-dinged and whatnot. I had hoped to sand it off the car, but will maybe set up a fan and try to blow the dust outside. We’ll see if that works.

But before doing that, I am going to skin this door, put on the other fender, skin that door, and make the valance panel in the back. After skinning this door, actually, I should make a form for the front fender repair section on the passenger side…

I ended up with an ok fit on the spares, which stand upright and more importantly parallel to each other, not something oft seen with these twin spares cars (judging from photos I’ve looked at).

I have a bit of adjustment to do on the door liner, and I need a better way of securing the rubber dovetail block to the door. I’ll have to make a washer to fit in the recess in the rubber bit, which should provide more clamping power.

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  1. Steve Hanegan

    That is certainly going to be the nicest, most perfect Morgan on the block – and, if ever there is any misbehavior, you will be able to fix it in your sleep… with your eyes closed!

    I know of a certain green Maggot that now has lights… hmmm… didn’t you cross that milestone about a year ago? Crikey, I am slow!


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