I’ve fitted the side curtain frames to the doors, after much fooling around. They have yet to be painted, as you can see, and they also need to be mangled to the proper shape top to bottom. Here they don’t look too bad!

That’s a lie, of course. The windshield frame needs to be raked back about five degrees or so. I set it up to match the angle of the A-post, but that was a laughable assumption on my part. The top provides additional evidence that the screen needs to be backwards a bit. Fun fun fun.

A weird thing is that the travel of the folding screen is such that when folded forward, the windshield will not be “flat” to the bonnet, but will be raised by about a 10-degree angle. It’s definitely the way it came, but it seems odd.

I added a “test strip” of rubber beading and opted to run the license plate lamp to the side. I’m hoping to find a similar style brake light for the other side of the plate to balance it out, but we’ll see.