The disco leaks when it rains, as I discovered today, so I thought I’d drop the headliner out to see what the source was. I had a pretty good idea it would be the sunroof, and I was right. I wanted to re-do the headliner anyway, so I’ll order the material today. I think I’ll just go with the original gray, not a fan of black headliners.

The smaller stuff which came off the roof

It took about an hour or two to get the headliner out. Thankfully the board itself is the only thing covered by fabric; on the XJ6, there were a bunch of small trim panels covered by the headliner as well and that took some time.

The out-of-focus dangly thing is the drain tube…
…which is supposed to slide over a plastic spigot where the arrow is, and instead is broken off inside the tube

I’m thinking about how to repair this. I believe LR only offers the entire sunroof pan, at $3.7 million, new. I’ll probably try epoxying in a metal replacement tube, but this kind of plastic is really unhappy about being glued and it tends to fail. So…I’ll put the thinking cap on.