As seen above, I have now aquired the correct front wheel for the 1970 Triumph, complete with brake and axle. I also found (some time ago) a complete 1970 fork which was rebuilt, so now just a front fender and brackets will complete the front end of this machine.

Twin leading shoe wheel was used, in this configuration, in 1969 and 1970

I’m not sure how much of this wheel can be used as-is. It will obviously get new shoes and bearings as a matter-of-course, but the axle looks a little chewed and the chrome pieces are pretty ropey, though they photograph well. It’s an original Dunlop rim, but chroming is so much money these days I suspect a new rim would be less expensive. The brake backing plate and linkages will clean up.

The “hubcap” on the offside is pretty gnarly, these are pretty readily available so it’s doubtful I’ll have this one chromed. Which is a shame, I love having things chromed, I just cannot afford it at the prices around here.

The only other known missing piece, aside from the front fender, is a new exhaust system. Easily found, though not as inexpensive as I’d hoped. Not sure when I’m going to try and get this done, the Morgan is languishing and should be finished before taking something else apart, if I was sane.