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3-D Printing for Neither Fun nor Profit

I decided to model the broken sunroof drain in Fusion360, and then print it on my Prusa printer. Surely this would be a “quick” and “easy” alternative to spending big bux? It worked out in the end, but the process was really rather frustrating: Fusion is difficult for complex shapes (for amateurs like me), and 3-D printing still seems much more an art than a science.

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Inside Rain

The disco leaks when it rains, as I discovered today, so I thought I’d drop the headliner out to see what the source was. I had a pretty good idea it would be the sunroof, and I was right. I wanted to re-do the headliner anyway, so I’ll order the material today. I think I’ll just go with the original gray, not a fan of black headliners.

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Roof Repair at the Disco

So I did a quickie repair to the roof of the Discovery, and it looks…ok, actually. It’s really hard to notice unless you know where it was, and even then it’s hard to spot. I suspect from directly overhead that might be a different story, but I’ve been up on a ladder and it’s fine.

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Into Orbit(al)

I’ve managed to right a few of the wrongs on this car–and have polished the bonnet and headlight covers, as seen above. Neither of the latter are perfect, but they are far better than they were.

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Disco is Hip Again

And the replacement for the Mini, which was a practical and fun car to drive, is…a Land Rover Discovery–which is not really any of those things. And wait, we’ve been here before!

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