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Discovery Update

Not much to report. I’ve put about 16,500 miles on the Disco since picking it up, and it has been a pretty good car. As you can see by the (crappy-taken-at-twilight) photo, it doesn’t get washed all that often, alas.

What have I done to it? I thought I had made a post about fixing the “thre amigos” problem, but if I didn’t, that was a very early fix, involving rewiring the ABS controller. Worked a treat. I think I did mention the sunroof drain 3-D printing project and new headliner, both of which are still working well as well.

Latest is a set of new tires, for more than half what I paid for the car originally. The tires that were on it were in abysmal condition, old, dried out and as I found out in our recent snow, completely incapable of navigating road conditions outside of clear and dry. I opted to go with a bigger tire than the stock 255/55R18, as it’s impossible to find all-terrain tires in that size. I went with 265/60R18 as seen in the photo at top, and they fit without rubbing and I much prefer the look of the taller tires. I think they are about 10% larger in rolling diameter, so the speedo now may read a bit low. They absolutely transformed how well the car behaved in the snow and are quieter (!), despite being more aggressive in tread than the old tires, on bare roads.

The pressure cap on the overflow bottle also fell apart. I’m hoping the new one cures the mysterious coolant loss problem, we’ll have to wait and see.

Next up, I need to replace the O2 sensors. I have a permanent “Service Engine Soon” light until I can work up the energy to do the swap, I already have the sensors.

I installed a factory “dog guard” so my pup can ride in the back, and that has been working well. Anyway, enough words for not much going on.

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  1. Peter

    I recently discovered your website via Jaguar Forums. It’s great stuff; I really enjoy it.


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