Tried the same damp rag on the Suzuki with less effect, but that’s to be expected, it’s twoscore years older than the R6 and undoubtedly has had a fair bit more sitting around in sketchy conditions in its life.

Tank is “attached” to bike only with gravity
The instrument cluster has a big ding on outside, there is a spare cluster in the box of bits. This one says 18,000 miles…not sure if that’s been around the clock or not
The throttle is immovable, which is OK as I have to take the carbs off anyway to see what went sideways in there
Rear wheel is pretty suspect–found numerous loose spokes. Haven’t done a wire-wheel tune-up in a bit, so there is that to look forward to. Need a battery, too.

That’s it! Not sure when I will be getting around to doing some real work on this. The R6 has a battery which I have on the charger, if it comes back I’ll probably try fiddling with that first.