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Messy Driveway, Clean Shop

Moving stuff around in the shop to get the Morgan back on the “working” side, now that I’m finished with my friend’s E-Type.

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Rails, Mistakes and Dust

A bit more is “done” on the rear body frame, though, as usual, I have made each of the sticks about 200 times…

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52 Photos: Week 2


My poor XJ6 is, indeed, a daily driver. Roads around here accumulate a lot of muck, and a lot of it sticks to the car! Thankfully it is very rare for it to snow, and hence no salt (car does not go out in the snow in any case). Other shots I liked after the jump.
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Crater Lake Trip

Crater Lake Pano by rustyheaps

It was only a month ago that I was happily riding down to Crater Lake with my pal Jack, he on his Harley, me on the Sprint. We had a great ride, though in retrospect we tried to cover too much distance on the coast the second day…and the coast was overcast, cold and still crawling with RVs. But once we turned inland at Reedport, Oregon, the skies cleared, we had fabulous roads to ourselves, and it was some of the best riding I’ve done in my life.
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200 Miles In…

I’m definitely enjoying the new bike! I’m trying to get the remedial repairs from the previous owner’s tenure done before the Crater Lake trip; these include replacing the foot pegs (the right one is broken off halfway along and makes for an uncomfortable ride) and replacing the battery. The latter is a disappointment, if only because I asked if it had a decent battery and the seller said yes. I mean, just tell me it sucks, and I’ll get a new one.
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2006 Triumph Sprint ST ABS

In one of the odder deals I’ve been involved in, I traded the 2002 Daytona for some explosion-proof lights. In turn, I sold those not more than three minutes later to my friend Mark, who will be using them in his restoration shop’s remodeled paint booth this winter. An hour after that, I concluded negotiations on this 2006 Triumph Sprint ST with ABS. It has just shy of 15,000 miles and will be the perfect (?) mount for my upcoming road trip to Crater Lake with my pal Jack. I was a bit sorry to see the Daytona go, but this new machine will hopefully prove to be more practical and just as invigorating.


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