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Faded but still going strong

To the Machine Shop, not Vancouver

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After cleaning the engine and undoing a few of the external gubbons, I’m going to abandon the hasty efforts to get to Canada this week, and have the engine rebuilt, instead. The mill is fairly well silted-up, and the flywheel ring gear is pretty bad. I don’t want to put the works back in only to have to pull them out next year, so it’s now a rebuild–with a good running engine, this probably means new bearings, camshaft and oil pump and hope it doesn’t need a grind or new pistons/rings.

This will give me time to rebuild the front end, as well as pull the heater box to restore it properly, clean the speedometer innards, etc. The goal now will be to be done before the E-Type arrives in July. (I’ll take the BSA to Vancouver instead, which means I need to spruce it up a bit.)

Racing to Vancouver

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My schedule has been so hectic that I have been reduced to trying to swap the transmission and clean up the engine bay with only a week until the Vancouver All British Field Meet. I’m not sure whether I’ll make it, frankly, but I’ll give it a shot. Seen above is the car Thursday night, just before my spanners and ham hands descended on it.

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GT inside “Rusty Keep”

1967 MGB GT

I have the leaky stuff with wheels on back on the newly-finished side of the shop building (aka “Rusty Keep”). I’m also fixing a minor paint flaw on the roof of the GT. There must have been a bit of contamination on the metal when it was sprayed. In all, a spot about the size of a pencil eraser was affected, right near the back edge of the roof.
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Leaky Side of the Shop

BSA Golden Flash, MGB GT, MGB, Rover SD1

It’s fairly surprising that there isn’t a contiguous pool of oil covering the floor entirely on this side of the new shop building, especially from the prodigiously leaking pair comprising the SD1 and Reg the MGB roadster. (The BSA leaks, but that doesn’t count; the GT doesn’t leak at all.)
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Reproduction Part = Sad Face, Compressor Antics

Failed exhaust mount

I bought a new rear exhaust hanger kit (from Moss Motors) for the GT not long ago. I moved the car today to facilitate the unloading of my new used compressor (see below), and came outside afterward to find the muffler laying on the ground, the cause being the failed rubber mount that you can see in the photo. (In case you’re not familiar with how these hangers are constructed, there is supposed to be another piece of metal bonded to the rubber where you see the rusty stains…that piece of metal is still on the car!)
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Ferry Overhead

1967 MGB GT on ferry

Took the GT on a road trip today, the shot is from the upper deck of the Port Townsend ferry. Car did well, some berry-flavored, baked on bird droppings aside. Be nice to get the overdrive in, though!

On the Road Again

1967 MGB GT

Update: I went to the regular first Saturday South Whidbey Sports Car meeting, on time for once…and everyone else was late, no joke (see photo). I had to run before anyone else arrived as I was headed to the vintage races at Pacific Raceways. This has taught me a valuable lesson about timeliness: don’t bother!
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Polished GT

1967 MGB GT

Jim did the final buff and I spent some time today polishing the car with a foam pad. I still have some hand polishing to do…it’s not looking too bad. Not perfect but pretty darn decent.
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1967 MGB GT

I decided to live life on the wild side and painted the wheels a maroon color that matches the seats rather than the staid silver the majority thinks they should be. (The photo is pretty horrible–please excuse–but I’m shoehorned into a corner of the shop while Jim is working on his Italia 2 project.) Got the drums painted as well. The wheel color “in real life” is closer to the color you see on the front wheel in this shot.

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