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1968 Ford F250

I’ve always liked pickups, and I became a Ford man by the Matchbox ’69 Ford I had as a kid (a “kennel” truck–the kennel and occupants were quickly lost, though).

When I bought a house in 1996, I discovered I needed a truck. I bought an ’84 F150, which was tired but reliable. That soon became a ’90 F150, and that eventually turned in “Moby D,” a gigantic white 1998 F150 4×4 which I paid too much money for, but enjoyed.

Last year I decided that for the amount it was driven, the ’98 was a silly “investment,” sold it and bought a ’69 F250 for $1000. I only had it for a few months, though, as it was a manual shift and my wife would like to be able to use whatever truck we have–and she only drives automatics.

One quick sale and $900 later, I have old yeller. It’s worn but not abused, the color scheme makes me smile, and has all the right options and equipment. It’s also not rusty–a rarity. I hope to restore it one day, but in the meantime it gets used, a lot.


  1. Allie

    You forgot to mention that you can actually breathe while driving this one. I feel that is an important point. (: That other one had gas fumes that you could smell a mile away, I swear.

  2. joel

    my first truck was a 1971 f 100, and i just baught my first f 250 1968. i love your love for my old reliable fords. a lot of us out there take a lot of flack for our old girls but i’m still faithfull to my old girls all “6” of them. keep the faith!

  3. Nick

    Wow! I love this truck! do you still have it?

  4. zach

    my dad just picked up a 68′ f100 and i need to fix it up to make it mine… any tips?


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