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1963 MGB

Reggie is my 1963 MGB. I will never sell this car–I always come back to MGBs and this one is great, despite the fact that I don’t like white cars with black interiors!

Oh, he is a bit threadbare, and needs some work here and there. Well, everywhere. But I bought him from the best friend of the original owner (who named him) and the gentleman was holding back tears as I left with him. I have every receipt for everything ever done to the car, and its clear that he’s been well-loved over the years.

At the moment, I have the lad stored properly, as parking is a bit thin here. But if I can move the XJR, that frees up the carport for Reggie. I’d like to have him back–he’d enjoy the quiet roads here.


  1. Allie

    Reggie is such a cute car, even if he does mess up my hair. (:

  2. Kevin

    Hey, don’t complain. It beats a primrose Celebrity any old day.

  3. Jim

    35 yrs ago my first car was a red 63 MGB. how I wish I had her today. So I am looking for anotherone to restore. I don’t think I will have as much fun or atleast the same kind of fun I had back then.


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