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Golden Flash

1954 BSA Golden Flash

This is my one completed ground-up restoration, of which I’m both proud and a bit embarrassed–perhaps like you’d feel if a loved one made a nude painting of you.

It turned out beautifully, but a lot of my work needs some retrofitting. For example, I’m not riding it much at the moment because the front forks leak like a sieve. I need to pull the front end apart and put plumber’s tape on all the threaded bits of the hydraulic tubes…didn’t know when I assembled it and I’m dreading the job.

Of course, the other reason I’m not riding it is that the repro carb on it is terrible. Caught the bike on fire, no less, once.


  1. Allie

    You should call it Fireball, not Golden Flash. ;-)

  2. jesse bogan

    I enjoy restoring bikes, BSAs specifically, as a break from doing car work. The bikes are neat, as they seem to me to be sort of one mans solution to the mechanical problems posed. Good work, nice blog, and don’t give up on the E type. Both of my lists, past and present,are longer than yours, and mostly british. Woe is me.

  3. Roger

    Jesse, you’re a brave man. I love bikes, and wouldn’t be surprised if I concentrate on them once the E and the truck are done. Thing I like best is that they’re a one-man job, really, nothing is really too heavy for a single person to manhandle around.


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