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The Allure of the Jaguar

1995 Jaguar XJR

Among certain enthusiasts, the call of the Jaguar isn’t a snarl, it’s a sweet siren’s song. It lures us towards the rocks where we’ll inevitably be smashed, yet we’re powerless to resist.

And who can resist a beautiful, luxurious sedan–with a supercharger? I mean, c’mon, that’s worth a few seconds of considered silence when opening the bonnet for the guys at the pub. Well, I’ve found out who can resist–buyers! I’m trying to sell this car for a few reasons, the number one of which is a lack of parking at our current house, and a desire to bring my 1963 MGB out of storage. I also need a tractor, which will be an exciting new chapter in my mechanical adventures.

Blue Book on this car, in this condition, is about $10,000, maybe a bit more. I started out there, and am now down to $7500 and I’m still not getting any real bites. It’s the Curse of the Used Jag. Once they’re out of warranty, and before they achieve classic status, they’re almost unmovable. I’ll expound on this sometime soon. In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed for me.

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  1. Karl

    Well, I see exactly where you’re coming from. I love these with a passion. Though I feel that if I ever owned one, the bubble may burst. Hving been a powertrain design engineer at Jaguar Cars for 4 years, I have an even closer bond to these than many. Those Sirens are calling me and every year their song gets sweeter.


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