A Mostly British Obsession

He Who Dies with the Most Rust Wins

Welcome to Rusty Heaps…the blog’s name has its genesis in my bride’s catch-all term for any and all of my vehicles. Sadly, she’s very observant.

This blog isn’t meant to be a restoration diary, though some of it may end up looking like that. I fell in love with British cars when I caught my first glimpse of what I now realize was probably a 1969 MGB*–this would have been in 1982 or so, when I was 15. I was fascinated by the driver’s mirror on the door and the passenger mirror way up the fender…it seemed exotic and cool. I realize now that the mirror was just a silly affectation, it had zero practical value. But try to explain that to a 15 year old.

In any case, that mirror has led to my owning more than 20 British cars over the past 20 years…most tired old dogs, because that’s what my wallet leans towards. My wallet has never learned the lesson my head knows instinctively (and which my heart refuses to acknowledge): tired old dogs always cost more in the end. Always. I’ve mouthed that platitude numerous times to others and yet I’ve never taken my own advice.

In any case, join me as I attempt to justify, or at least record for posterity, my involvement with old cars, trucks and bikes.

* I’m sure I saw MGBs before this, but I just didn’t care in the same way that a soon-to-be-driving teenage boy cares.

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  1. Ginger

    Just dropping by to say hello to you folks from a fellow E-Type lover in the Sunshine State… I think your Rusty Heaps are cool! :-D

    By the way, I learned how to drive on a tractor (in the 70s). It seemed to go well with my blood… 6th generation Floridian from settler/farming family of the 1800s.


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