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1961 Jaguar XKE

My E-Type project is stalled, but it’s been a hectic few years and I’m not done with the hectic part yet. However, I’ve not given up, I’m just taking a breather.

Status: The body is just about ready for paint. A lot of pieces have been accumulated, but still more are needed. The mechanical components are still at the machine shop, waiting for the go-ahead. Mostly, I need space to work on it, and hopefully within a year or so I’ll have my “dream shop,” or something close to it, ready to go.

I always used to scoff at people who couldn’t seem to get their projects done. It turns out I’m one of them!


  1. Allie

    I actually prefer this imaginary car to the others that you have. It has mystique!! ;)

  2. Don Hobbs

    Can you please provide the VIN # of your ’61 E-type. I am trying to locate a ’61 E-type that was delivered to the owners of Canada Track and Traffic Magazine in ’61 or ’62 and then raced in Canada and the US.


  3. Roger

    Don, I’m pretty sure it’s not this car, though there is an anomaly in that it was built in October or November of ’61 but wasn’t delivered to its first owner (in Kansas) until June of ’62. Demonstrator? Slow boat from England? Who knows.

    You can see this car at XKE Data. The link goes directly there, it’s car number 876073.


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