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1969 Ford F250

This was my first “vintage” truck, and it wasn’t a bad one. I bought it from a Navy guy just down the street from our rental in Whidbey’s armpit, Oak Harbor.

It wasn’t a genuine Ford Highboy–the post title refers to the exhaust leak, which combined with a slight weep from the in-cab petrol tank, made for a rather light-headed driving experience.

It’s kinda amazing to me that a loud exhaust in nothing but annoying from a spectator standpoint, but is enjoyable when you’re the one making the noise. You could easily hear this truck from a couple of blocks away due to the straight pipes.

In the end, Allie wanted to be able to drive the truck if she needed to, and this one had a standard gearbox, which precluded that. It was also rusty as heck underneath, so it wouldn’t have been worth fixing up, to me. Sold it almost instantly for $700…I had people clamoring for it.


  1. Allie

    Ah yes… Old Stinky the truck. ;)

    I like the new one better. It has a great “SLAM!” when you close the door. Cool!

  2. chris

    I have a ’69 f-250 also.I was wondering how you found so many people wanting to buy it.I have about $2,500 into it just in parts and couldn’t find a buyer for even $500.do you know any buyers, or have any suggestions?please leave an e-mail at chris-4201@hotmail.com


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