1995 Jaguar XJR

I took the XJR across on the ferry today to show a potential purchaser. All went well, but the minute he went on his way, the idler pulley for the supercharger seized and immediately went to pieces. How’s that for timing?

(The photo shows the seized bearing, the remains of the plastic idler that used to surround it, the belt, and the beltless nose of the supercharger.)

I drove it home sans supercharger–it wasn’t as much of a slug as I expected, but it was still much less powerful than it normally is (duh!). The idler has been squealing for some time and I just hadn’t got around to replacing it. I will now. It was all of $35, plus I bought a new belt for $12 as insurance.

I use Coventry West for my Jaguar parts and the service is pretty darn good.

Now if Mr. Potential could just turn into Mr. Actual Buyer, we’ll be all set to bring the ’63 back home.