2002 Triumph 955i Daytona

I took the Triumph over the ferry to the bank today…it’s great to use a motorcycle on the Washington Ferries because you don’t have to wait to board, you go straight to the front of the line. In any case, when I came to leave the boat on the mainland side, I couldn’t get the bike started. How embarrassing. And all operator error, in the end!

I should say I rarely if ever use the kill switch on the right grip…the key works for that just fine. I noticed a couple of young guys checking out my bike when I was waiting, and didn’t think anything of it. One of them must have flipped the switch (which I normally don’t check, but it’s now on my list!). When it came time for me to leave, nothing, no power. I checked various electrical connections for a couple of minutes while cars streamed past me, and finally found the switch was flipped. Then, being thoroughly flummoxed at that point, I forgot that the bike will die if you try to put it in gear with the kickstand down. That took another minute or so…

Felt like the biggest wanker ever!